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Books: Asymptotic structure of space-time
Esposito F.P. (ed.), Witten L. (ed.), 1977

Asymptotic structure of space-time

Books: Nonperturbative quantum field theory and the structure of matter
Borne T., Lochak G., Stumpf H., 2002

In this book a new method of nonperturbative quantum field theory is developed which offers an alternative version of the common treatment of these problems, and which, in addition, is adapted to the …

Books: Local structure from diffraction
Billinge S.J.L., Thorpe M.F., 1998

This workshop on Local Structure from Diffraction was organized to bring together leading researchers studying local structure using diffraction techniques. Surprisingly, there are few opportunities f…

Books: Vortex Structure and Dynamics
Maurel A., Petitjeans P., 2000

Vortex Structure and Dynamics

Books: Electronic structure and magneto-optical properties of solids
Antonov V., Harmon B., Yaresko A., 2004

The aim of this book is to review recent achievements in thetheoretical investigations of the electronic structure, optical,magneto-optical (MO), and x-ray magnetic circular dichroism (XMCD)properties…

Books: Cosmology: the origin and evolution of cosmic structure
Coles P., Lucchin F., 2002

Using an extremely accessible approach, the authors present a fascinating look at how cosmic structures, such as galaxies and clusters, began and evolved. After introducing readers to the simplest cos…
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