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Books: The spacetime supersymmetric formulation of the string
Shapiro J.A., Taylor C.C., 1990

The Green-Schwarz formulation of the ten-dimensional superstring is one of the more intriguing approaches to string theory. Together with the Brink-Schwarz superparticle and the super-p-branes, the Gr…

Books: Supersymmetric dark matter
Jungman G., Kamionkowski M., Griest K., 1996

There is almost universal agreement among astronomers that most of the mass in the Universe and most of the mass in the Galactic halo is dark. Many lines of reasoning suggest that the dark matter cons…

Books: Non-Perturbative aspects in supersymmetric gauge theories
Amati D., Konishi K., Rossi G.C., 1987

We review our present understanding of those non-perturbative features of supersymmetric gauge theories that are believed to determine the properties of then ground states (vacua). A wide variety of t…

Books: Symmetries and Recursion Operators for Classical and Supersymmetric Differential Equations
Krasil'shchik I.S., Kersten P.H., 2000

This book is a detailed exposition of algebraic and geometrical aspects related to the theory of symmetries and recursion operators for nonlinear partial differential equations (PDE), both in classica…

Books: Supersymmetric Methods in Quantum and Statistical Physics
Junker G., 1996

This book gives an introduction to supersymmetric quantum mechanics and a comprehensive review of its applications in quantum and statistical physics. The classical version and the quantum version of …

Books: Supersymmetric chiral models: geometrical aspects
Perelomov A.M., 1989

We consider classical supersymmetric chiral models of field theory and focus our attention on the geometrical aspects of such theories. A characteristic feature of such models is that the interaction …


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