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Books: Transformations of surfaces
Eisenhart L.P., 1923

Transformations of surfaces

Books: Riemann Surfaces
Farkas H., Kra I., 1980

This text covers Riemann surface theory from elementary aspects to the fontiers of current research. Open and closed surfaces are treated with emphasis on the compact case. Basic tools are developed t…

Books: Curves and surfaces for computer aided geometric design
Farin G., 1997

This unified treatment of curve and surface design concepts is the Fourth Edition of the popular text, Curves and Surfaces for Computer-Aided Geometric Design, Third Edition (Academic Press, 1992). As…

Books: Lectures on Riemann Surfaces
Gunning R., 1966

Lectures on Riemann surfaces, Jacobi varieties(Mathematical notes)

Books: Graduate studies in mathematics (vol.5). Algebraic curves and Riemann surfaces
Miranda R., 1995

This text is an introduction to the theory of algebraic curves defined over the complex numbers. It begins with the definitions and first properties of Riemann surfaces, with special attention paid to…

Books: Lectures on Hilbert schemes of points on surfaces
Nakajima H., 1999

In the spring of 1996, I gave a series of lectures on the Hilbert schemes of points on surfaces at Department of Mathematical Sciences, University of Tokyo. The purpose of the lectures was to discuss …


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