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Books: Solitons : Differential equations, symmetries and infinite dimensional algebras
Miwa T., Jimbo M., Date E., 2000

This book investigates the high degree of symmetry that lies hidden in integrable systems. To that end, differential equations arising from classical mechanics, such as the KdV equation and the KP equ…

Books: On the symmetries of evolution equations
Sokolov V.V., 1988

On the symmetries of evolution equations

Books: Metamorphoses of Hamiltonian systems with symmetries
Efstathiou K., 2005

Modern notions and important tools of classical mechanics are used in the study of concrete examples that model physically significant molecular and atomic systems. The parametric nature of these exam…

Books: Gravitation and gauge symmetries
Blagojevic M., 2002

— An advanced textbook offering a fresh approach — Covers one of the fundamental problems of modern physics: how to unify gravity with the other forces of nature — Systematic and detailed treatment fo…

Books: Nonlinear realization and hidden local symmetries
Bando M., Kugo T., Yamawaki K., 1987

The idea of dynamical gauge bosons of hidden local symmetries in nonlinear sigma models is reviewed. Starting with a fresh look at the Goldstone theorem and low energy theorems, we present a modern re…

Books: Symmetries and Recursion Operators for Classical and Supersymmetric Differential Equations
Krasil'shchik I.S., Kersten P.H., 2000

This book is a detailed exposition of algebraic and geometrical aspects related to the theory of symmetries and recursion operators for nonlinear partial differential equations (PDE), both in classica…
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