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Books: Measures with Symmetry Properties
Schindler W., 2003

Symmetries and invariance principles play an important role in various branches of mathematics. This book deals with measures having weak symmetry properties. Even mild conditions ensure that all inva…

Books: An introduction to symmetry and supersymmetry in quantum field theory
Lopuzanski J., 1991

This is a set of lecture notes given by the author at the Universities of Gцttingen and Wroclaw. The text presents the axiomatic approach to field theory and studies in depth the concepts of symmetry …

Books: Mirror symmetry
Vafa C., Zaslow E., 2003

This thorough and detailed exposition is the result of an intensive month-long course sponsored by the Clay Mathematics Institute. It develops mirror symmetry from both mathematical and physical persp…

Books: Turbulence, Coherent Structures, Dynamical Systems and Symmetry
Holmes P., Lumley J.L., Berkooz G., 1996

First-time paperback of successful book on turbulence by very well known authors.

Books: Symmetry of equations of quantum mechanics
Fushchich W.I., Nikitin A.G., 1994

This book is devoted to the analysis of old (classical) and new (non-Lie) symmetries of the fundamental equations of quantum mechanics and classical field theory, and to the classification and algebra…

Books: Symmetry and Separation of Variables
Miller W., 1977

This volume is concerned with the relationship between symmetries of a linear second-order partial differential equation of mathematical physics, the coordinate systems in which the equation admits so…
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