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Books: Teaching academic ESL writing. Practical techniques in vocabulary and grammar
Hinkel E., 2004

A course text for high intermediate and advanced academic studies of English as a second language. It explains terminology and methods for teaching students how to write academic material in their new…

Books: Sample Preparation Techniques in Analytical Chemistry
Mitra S. (ed.), 2003

An invaluable reference tool for professional chemists and students of chemistry. While even the best analytical techniques cannot rectify problems generated by sloppy sample preparation, this less "s…

Books: Combinatorics : Topics, Techniques, Algorithms
Cameron P.J., 1994

Combinatorics is a subject of increasing importance because of its links with computer science, statistics, and algebra. This textbook stresses common techniques (such as generating functions and recu…

Books: Techniques of Semigroup Theory
Higgins P., 1992

Techniques of Semigroup Theory

Books: Techniques and applications of path integration
Schulman L.S., 1981

Emphasizes the many applications that have been found for path integrals in quantum mechanics, statistical physics, field theory, and optics. Covers both the Feynman integral of quantum mechanics and …

Books: Large deviations techniques and applications
Dembo A., Zeitouni O., 1993

This book presents an introduction to the theory of large deviations. Large deviation estimates have proved to be the crucial tool required to handle many questions in statistics, engineering, statist…
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