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Books: Renormalization of gauge theories
Becchi C., Rouet A., , Stora R., 1976

Gauge theories are characterized by the Slavnov identities which express their invariance under a family of transformations of the supergauge type which involve the Faddeev Popov ghosts. These identit…

Books: Topological quantum field theories
Atiyah M., 1988

In recent years there has been a remarkable renaissance in the relation between Geometry and Physics. This relation involves the most advanced and sophisticated ideas on each side and appears to be ex…

Books: Undecidable theories
Tarski A., 1971

This monography consists of three papers: "A general method in proofs of undecidability", "Undecidability and essential undecidability in arithmetic", "Undecidability of the elementary theory of group…

Books: Non-Perturbative aspects in supersymmetric gauge theories
Amati D., Konishi K., Rossi G.C., 1987

We review our present understanding of those non-perturbative features of supersymmetric gauge theories that are believed to determine the properties of then ground states (vacua). A wide variety of t…

Books: Gauge theories, knots, and gravity
Baez J.C., Muniain J.P., 1994

The book is clearly written and should be accessible to readers who have a good undergraduate preparation in mathematics or physics. Each part of the book ends with a list of references that will enab…

Books: Gauge theories in particle physics. Volume 1: from relativistic quantum mechanics to QED
Aitchison I.J.R., Hey A.J.G., 2002

A well-written and produced text, highly recommend for new postgraduates


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