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Transport or transportation is the movement of people and goods from one place to another. The term is derived from the Latin trans ("across") and portare ("to carry"). Industries which have the business of providing equipment, actual transport, transport of people or goods and services used in transport of goods or people make up a large broad and important sector of most national economies, and are collectively referred to as transport industries.

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Books: The Dictionary of Transport and Logistics
David Lowe, 2002

This unique, single volume dictionary aims to make sense of the language of generic terms, jargon, abbreviations and management buzzwords, to say nothing of the legal terms and definitions, that has g…

Books: Quantum field-theoretical methods in transport theory of metals
Rammer J., Smith H., 1986

The authors review the Keldysh method of obtaining kinetic equations for normal and superconducting metals. The use of the method is illustrated by examples involving electron-impurity, electron-phono…

Books: Quantum transport theory of electrons in solids: A single-particle approach
Rammer J., 1991

The electronic transport theory of semiconductors is not, from a first-principles point of view, as well un- understood as is that of metals, where the degeneracy of the Fermi system leads to a simpli…

Books: Transport Phenomena
Bird R. B., Lightfoot E. N., Stewart W. E., 2002

Treats momentum transport (viscous flow), energy transport (heat conduction, convection, and radiation), and mass transport (diffusion). All topics are organized around the ``equations of change'': th…

Books: Adiabatic quantum transport
Avron J., 1995

The adiabatic quantum transport in multiply connected systems is examined. The systems considered have several holes, usually three or more, threaded by independent flux tubes, the transport propertie…

Books: Weak chaos and anomalous transport: a deterministic approach
Artuso R., Cristadoro G., 2003

We review how transport properties for chaotic dynamical systems may be studied through cycle expan- expansions, and show how anomalies can be quantitatively described by hierarchical sequences of per…
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