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Books: Quantum transport and dissipation
Dittrich T. (ed.), Hanggi P. (ed.), Ingold G.-L. (ed, ), 1999

The increasing emphasis and importance of mesoscopic systems for tomorrow's high-tech electronics industry as well as a growing research interest in the subject has given rise to the need for a modern…

Books: Quantum kinetics in transport and optics of semiconductors
Haug H., Jauho A.-P., 1996

This monograph deals with the quantum kinetics for transport in low-dimensional microstructures and for ultrashort laser pulse spectroscopy. The nonequilibrium Green function theory is described and u…

Books: Quantum transport theory
Rammer J., 1998

Quantum Transport Theory is a comprehensive account of recent achievements in the understanding of disordered conductors. In addition to detailing the density matrix description of nonequilibrium stat…

Books: Chaotic transport in dynamical systems
Wiggins S., 1992

Provides a new and more realistic framework for describing the dynamics of non-linear systems. A number of issues arising in applied dynamical systems from the viewpoint of problems of phase space tra…

Books: Gas-Solid Transport
Klinzing G.E., 1981

Gas-Solid Transport

Books: Methodes de Monte-Carlo pour les equations de transport et de diffusion
Lapeyre B., Pardoux E., Sentis R., 1998

Methodes de Monte-Carlo pour les equations de transport et de diffusion


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