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Books: Equilibrium and nonequilibrium formalisms made unified
Chou K.-C., Su Z.-B., Hao B.-L., 1985

In this paper we summarize the work done by our group in developing and applying the closed time-path Green function (CTPGF) formalism, first suggested by J. Schwinger and further elaborated by Keldys…

Books: A Unified Grand Tour of Theoretical Physics
Lawrie I.D., 2002

A conducted grand tour of the fundamental theories which shape our modern understanding of the physical world. This book covers the central themes of spacetime geometry and the general-relativistic ac…

Books: Financial Engineering Principles : A Unified Theory for Financial Product Analysis and Valuation
Beaumont P.H., 2003

Stock, bonds, cash . . . the investment mind is often programmed. The reality is that most investors think in terms of single asset classes, and allocate money to them accordingly. The unique contribu…

Books: Group theory for unified model building
Slansky R., 1981

The results gathered here on simple Lie algebras have been selected with attention to the needs of unified model builders who study Yang-Mills theories based on simple, local-symmetry groups that cont…

Books: Special Functions A Unified Theory Based on Singularities
Slavyanov S., Lay W., 2000

Slavyanov (St. Petersburg State U.) and Lay (U. Stuttgart) present a new theory of special functions as a field of knowledge lying at the intersection of mathematics, physics, and computer science. Ch…


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