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Books: The Deadbeat Universe
Wahlin L., 1997

The Deadbeat Universe

Books: The Universe in a Helium Droplet
Volovik G.E., 2003

The main goal of this book of to establish and define the connection of those two fields with condensed matter physics. The text presents a general overview of analogies between phenomena in condensed…

Books: In the beginning: The first sources of light and the reionization of the universe
Barkana R., Loeb A., 2001

The formation of the first stars and quasars marks the transformation of the universe from its smooth initial state to its clumpy current state. In popular cosmological models, the first sources of li…

Books: Diffuse matter in the universe
Dopita M.A., Sutherland R.S., 2001

The book is designed as an astrophysics textbook that provides a comprehensive introduction to the physics of Interstellar Matter. It is aimed primarily at those undertaking postgraduate courses, or t…

Books: Astronomy 123: galaxies and expanding universe
Schombert J.

Astronomy 123: galaxies and expanding universe

Books: My favorite universe
Tyson N.G., 2003

This series of lectures discusses twelve topics based on twelve hand-picked essays out of a hundred or so written for Natural History magazine since 1995. Although they do not follow a particular curr…
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