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Books: Notes on several complex variables
Taylor J.L., 1997

Notes on several complex variables

Books: Lectures on Counterexamples in Several Complex Variables
Fornaess J., Stensones B., 1987

These notes are from a graduate course in Princeton during 82

Books: Symmetry and Separation of Variables
Miller W., 1977

This volume is concerned with the relationship between symmetries of a linear second-order partial differential equation of mathematical physics, the coordinate systems in which the equation admits so…

Books: Probability, random variables and random processes
Hsu H.P., 1997

Designed for students in various disciplines of engineering, science, mathematics, management and business, this effective study tool includes hundreds of problems with step-by-step solutions and anot…

Books: Probability, random variables, and random signal principles
Peebles P.Z., 1987

This concise introduction to probability theory carries on the success of previous editions, offering readers a logical, well-organized look at the fundamental of the subject — includes applications t…

Books: Probability Distributions of Algebraic Functions of Independent Random Variables
Prasad R.D., 1970

Probability Distributions of Algebraic Functions of Independent Random Variables
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