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Books: Quaternions in computer vision and robotics
Pervin E., Webb J.A., 1982

Computer vision and robotics suffer from not having good tools for manipulating three-dimensional objects. Vectors, coordinate geometry, and trigonometry all have deficiencies. Quaternions can be used…

Books: Computer vision
Ballard D.H., Brown C.M., 1982

The book is organized into four parts, based on descriptions of objects at four different levels of abstraction. 1. Generalized images—images and image-likeentities. 2. Segmented images—images organiz…

Books: Computational modeling of vision. The role of combination
Uttal W.R., Kakarala R., Dayanand S., 1999

This volume is a report of the SWIMMER vision modeling project at Arizona State University. Earlier parts of the work were reported in (1992). Illustrating how visual systems gather, process, and reco…

Books: Intelligent vision systems for industry
Batchelor B.G., Whelan P.F., 1997

Machine vision is a relatively new technology, which has much to offer manufacturing industry in improving product quality and safety, as well as enhancing process efficiency and operational safety. M…

Books: Vision and action: the control of grasping
Goodale M.A. (ed.), 1989

This book is the first to provide a comprehensive survey of work in visually guided prehension developmental studies of accurate grasping in human infants, neuropsychological work on praxic control in…


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